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Friday, September 29, 2006 The innocence Childhood. Where did it go?

Unfortunately, we aren't participating in SPF. Sorry guys, just too much going on these days! But because we have some regular blogging bitches that visit us (we just lurve our bitches), we didn't want anyone to go away feeling used and unwanted. So I thought I'd share a really obscure thought/pondering that has been swimming in my head.

Before I start, I wanted to post a disclaimer that this is just a thought and I am no way advocating one way to raise children vs. another. Also, please respect the rules of the sandbox. This is my blog and my thought. If you don't agree with me-fine. Please be respectful when leaving comments. If there is any mud slinging or sand throwing, you will be deleted!

Now that I've set you up to think this may be something really controversial, it's not. But this is about children. Child rearing is a very sensitive topic to any mother. We all try our best and do what we think is right or at least works at the time.

So here is my thought. So many kids today are considered to be hyper-active, or labeled as having Attention Deficit Disorder. Why is that? Is it because of our diets? Our lifestyle? The percentage of kids on meds for things such as this is rising steadily. This is a concern to me. I don't know why this concerns me, but it does. Is it possible that we are over stimulating our children?

Stop right there! I'm not saying you are right or wrong for anything that you do. It is a thought! That's it.

When I say "overstimulating" I refer to some things I've read in parenting mags and conversations of young mothers. There was a pregnant woman in the docs office stressed because she couldn't find the "Einstein Video" for children 6 mos. of age! Maybe because I'm past that stage of child rearing and I realize how fast time goes. I mean, do you know how sweet hugs, kisses and giggles are from a 6 mos. old? I didn't appreciate it as much then as I do now. If I had to stress about my kids "learning" whatever this video was teaching, I most likely would not have slowed down to appreciate my baby being a baby.

A mother of a kindergartner was stressed and overwhelmed at the work that was being sent home with her kindergartner. Our kinder students are now learning what was being taught at the end of 1st grade a few years ago. I'm not saying this is wrong because I know that the more we teach our kids, the more they will learn. But are we crossing boundaries? Do you know how much can be learned by a child sitting on the grass with mom, dad, or big brother/sister on a warm day with a gentle breeze? Most likely what is learned that day will be remembered forever! Yes, our kids may be able to read easy reader books at the age of four. But are we stressing them out in the process? Could this be a link to the behavior problems in our schools? Is it wrong that, when a child doesn't understand what is being taught by the teacher, the teacher's response is "I don't have time to help you because I have to move on." In the past, when a child was diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, it was thought that the meds were an excuse for the parent not disciplining their child correctly or were lazy and didn't want to take the time to train the child to behave appropriately. That my be the case in certain instances, but what about the other children? Could our efforts to create the smartest, most productive, well adjusted children be the cause?

Again-stop! I'm not saying any of you are wrong for anything that you are doing. I'm really wondering if there is a link.

Another reason that I've been pondering this is a comparison to the kids that I'm around in Texas. I worked and volunteered in the school and love, love, loved what I did. It was the best thing I've ever done as a career. Unfortunately-it doesn't pay squat. I've been around A LOT of kids. My step-daughters live in South Dakota. When they would come to visit, they were amazed that-every bedroom had a TV; each kid had a computer; we complained or thought it an inconvenience to have to run to the store-----which was five minutes away! Where they live, it is truly a farm town. The "bar" is also the post office, the fire station, the town hall, and whatever else it needs to be at any given time. It used to take them 45 mins. to get to school. The grocery store was 30-45 mins. They didn't have cable and their phone lines were down more than they were up due to the snow. When we went to visit the girls in their town, the one comment that my husband and I kept saying to each other was how well adjusted and friendly all of the kids were. Those kids were far more responsible and mature than a lot (See, I said A LOT.....NOT ALL) of the kids I've been around. My step-daughter just had a baby and I asked if she would be interested in the "Baby Einstein" tapes. Her response was "why would I want my baby watching TV so soon?"

OK-I told you there was no point to this post. Just mere thoughts meandering through that hard thing resting on my neck! Your thoughts? Remember, I have a delete button and I know how to use it!

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