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Friday, September 22, 2006 Stuff Portrait Friday!

TGIF! Friday just couldn’t get here fast enough. Kristine has given us another assignment for us to ponder. This week she has requested pictures of:

1. Something you have outgrown…
2. Something you have overcome...
3. I need help with…


This was a tough one since I was determined that I was NOT going to post a piece of clothing that doesn’t fit anymore. Now that G2 is 17, and self sufficient I can't complain too much about giving up time. So here in my attempt to have a healthier lifestyle, I grew up and gave up the ole Cap’n Crunch and switched to Raisin Bran. Not as fun and tasty, but…well you know.


I didn’t do it alone; I actually don’t think I could have. What did I overcome? The fear of failure. You see, the first time around I never finished school. The all-mighty dollar became more important so I took fewer and fewer classes and worked as much as I could (yes, I know….young and dumb).

When I decided that I wanted to go back and finish I had many obstacles in front of me: I was married, had a son, we were so tight financially that we squeaked when we walked, and I wanted to totally change my Major. Then there was the ole fear of failure, especially during the first semester trying to get back in the swing of things. I wanted to quit so many times but Big G wouldn’t let me. He was my sanity, my rock and my glue that held things together until I graduated.


This one was so easy! Without a doubt I need a little help with my fear of heights. I took this picture from the condo we stayed in during the Blogger Blowout in Austin back in February and I think I stayed glued to the glass when I was out on the balcony.

So tell us…did you play?


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