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Thursday, September 21, 2006 The Far Side

I have determined that our dog is not named appropriately. Zeus continues to surprise us, but he should have been named Houdini. We wanted a smart dog and I guess we got one.


You see, this is Zeus in his crate. He likes his crate and goes in it willingly at night; however, he has learned how to unzip the thing and let himself out (as I awake to several piles of poo). He is also very talented as he can open and shred an entire 12 pack of toilet paper (oh what fun). But his ultimate accomplishment came when Big G and I went outside in the courtyard, the boy ran out the door and headed off to work and Zeus (inside) jumped up on the door trying to open it and locked the deadbolt. He locked us out of our house...yeah...THAT was fun!


On a more positive note, you can smell Homecoming in the air. G2 is going to another school's Homecoming this weekend and I got to make the mum for his date.

At first I was overwhelmed at the craft store (probably because Big G went with me shopping...I should know better than that). Once home, I actually had fun making it. What do you think? Do I pass Mum 101?

Sheri and I plan to make the ones for our boys' high school in a couple of weeks. You know good and well Sheri will have to mix up a batch of margaritas...I wonder how those will turn out.

Changing subject again (ADD running ramped). The boys' football team is doing great as they are 3-0. The last two games they were able to shut out the other teams but the most difficult teams are yet to come.


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