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Wednesday, September 20, 2006 This N' That

I promised SuZan that I'd post today and I told her I'd add pictures since I've finally unpacked the box with my camera's docking station. Well, I'm posting, and, yeah, the picture thing.....well, have you ever started something like say, organizing your desk, then that lead to organizing something else, and so on and so forth? That's more or less what happened. Suddenly it was midnight! So for picture purposes, I'll add this just cause I told SuZan I'd add a picture:

Mmmmmmm, doesn't that just make you thirsty? I can taste them now! Maybe I'll have to make a pitcher......... or three this weekend!

On to other things. I've had a situation at work. Other than the dumb ass who put everyone on her blocked senders list then couldn't figure out why she wasn't getting emails, there is another situation that I'm kind of in the middle of. See, there are two partners at the firm I work for. Because of the job that I do, I answer to both of them. I try to keep both of them informed of everything they need to know. One partner is not approachable at all. He's a grump. He eats children and dogs I think. The other partner is closer in age to me, we have kids in the same age range, and he is very approachable. We've been undergoing a few changes in the office. I talk with partner #2...a lot...because he will tell me if I'm full of shit or if the situation actually needs to be brought to the attention of #1. The other day #1 was on the phone and something came up. #2 was available so I was explaining to him the situation and was about to email #1 with the same information. #1 I swear straddled his desk and hollered for me to come in the office. He then asked why I go to #2 with office issues as he, #1, runs this office, period, the end. I'm not to go to #2 with anything. So, do I tell #2 what #1 said, or keep it to myself? I'm thinking I should share this information. Apparently there are underlying issues, but because of my position, I'm now in the middle. Argh!

On the home front, all though things are settling down I am still considering putting my teenagers up for sale. When things are good, they're great! When they're bad.....Just when I think I've got them figured out, they change their minds! We are now hitting homecoming season. My daughter stresses....about EVERYTHING. She knocked on my door, at midnight, while my husband was getting....friendly. Of course I think it's an emergency and throw on a robe to see what's wrong. In the hall the following conversation occurred:

J: I need $17 for a homecoming shirt tomorrow.

Me: Blank stare

J: Don't forget

Me: Processing information as to why I'm standing in the hall at midnight having this conversation and trying to decide if now is the time to get into the "so get $17 out of your savings account and buy it" conversation.

J: "And can you make an appointment from my hair. And we're getting a party bus. And what about tips for my nails and a pedicure? And when can we go shopping for a dress?"

Me: Still wondering why I'm standing in the hall at midnight having this conversation. Finally I say, "We'll talk about this in the morning."

I'm still not sure why she thinks all of this expense should fall on me. Sure she's not working, yet, but she does have a savings account. I haven't given her an answer on any of this. She is a great kid, for the most part. No drugs or drinking; straight A's; great conduct (at school); does a lot for me. Suggestions?

Shit. Guess I must get busy at work.


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