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Monday, December 11, 2006 Monday, Monday

Wow, I had this post all planned with pictures and everything, but blogger was being a bitch. Well, not just blogger, but the Internet in general.

To bring you all up to date, our Bobcats lost their playoff game in the last 20 seconds by 1 point. I could give you all the gory details, but to save time, I'll tell you this-our boys played with their hearts; every single boy gave 100%; the other team did as well and, all though it's hard to say the words, they earned their win and I hope they continue to do well.

In other news, my hubs will be on one of the local news stations this morning. He has a technical blog and they interviewed him about the upcoming fad "unboxing videos". Basically, people are video taping the unboxing of their stuff-gadgets, games, whatever. They publish it usually on U-Tube. It's a big thing. He's done a couple unboxing videos and they interviewed him-go figure! Autographs will be available upon request!

What are we going to fill our time with now that football is over you ask? Christmas! In fact, it looks like Christmas threw up all over my house! See, I got the outside done pretty much over the Thanksgiving weekend. People see the outside, not too many see the inside. With football, it's hard to fit everything in. Yesterday, after 3 trips to the storage unit, I finally started putting up Christmas inside! No, tree isn't up yet, but we're getting closer! I figure I have 9 days until my company starts arriving. I stand a good chance of getting it all done by then. We did make some cookies yesterday. I have pictures, but again-blogger the bitch! Nuff said!

One more football thought-I think what I'll miss more than anything is knowing that my hubs and I would be getting together with my aunt and G1 and SuZan. We had a blast! My one goal is to make sure that we don't let life get in the way and get together as often as possible----even though there's no more football, I'm sure there's a Margarita somewhere with our name on it!

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