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Tuesday, November 28, 2006 Tickle Tuesday.......Not

I know, I know, this is usually the day we post something light hearted and funny to boost you up and carry you through the week. Can't do it. It occurred to me last night that Aunt Flo is on her way. I can't like her. She's not very nice, but during stressful times, she's a terror. What stress could I have you ask? Football playoffs, Christmas shopping, Christmas decorating, working, mentally preparing for my sister's visit (we have issues, but I love her), mentally preparing for my step-daughter's visit (at the same time as my sister's-I'll have a house full-but my step-daughter is great-I love her like my own), etc., etc.

Do you feel my pain? No? Not yet? OK, here's another reason I'm not in a "Tickle Tuesday" kind of mood. See, I'm a coffee drinker, no, lover! I lurve me a good strong cup of coffee anytime of the day. I lurve me some flavored coffee. But I don't lurve flavored coffee in the morning. I'm a Folgers kind of girl first thing in the morning. Starbucks works too, but just their Breakfast blend, nothing fancy. After the first cup or two, I'm game; until then, just give me coffee!

What does this have to do with the love of Bob? I'll tell you. My wonderful husband gets the coffee maker ready before we go to bed. It brews on a timer so that after my shower, my blood line will be ready. No talking, no thinking, just coffee. This morning my nose detected a hint of caramel in the air. Not fully awake, I pour my cup of Joe, or Bob, or whatever you want to call it. I take that first sip. You know that first sip in the morning is comparable to sex.....well, when you're my age it is. You prepare for it, you think about it, your mouth waters for it.....wait, let me calm myself down. OK, better now. So I take that first sip and almost spit it across the room. I guess my husband knew that I noticed a problem and said, "We're out of Folgers, but for some reason this Folgers Select has a strange taste. Kind of like caramel." Now I'm mystified. First, I had no clue what this "Folgers Select" was to which he referred. Then I wondered why he didn't use the Starbucks coffee sitting right by the coffee maker. Then it hit me. In a moment of Holiday Cheer, or whatever you'd want to call it, I bought the Folgers flavored coffee-caramel flavor. It must have found its way all the way back to the corner of the cabinet. That's were all the crap goes that I buy and don't like. This stuff, in my opinion, tasted like warm water with a caramel crayon dipped in. Yuck. Double yuck when it's the first cup of the day.

Now, I'm not mad at my husband because I could have easily gotten my ass up from it's perch and prepared the coffee. I'm not mad at all. I'm in a funk. A cloud. Not having my first real cup of coffee in the a.m. does weird things to me. Don't believe me? Check back later-we had a casualty in the bathroom this morning. I believe the victim is DOA. I asked hubs to take a picture. I'm not telling the REST of the story without evidence. You'll have to check back for details.

In the meantime....please.....send.....coffee!!!!

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