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Wednesday, November 15, 2006 Celebrating Women's November Blog Pick of the Month

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Missing TJ Snow

We are late again but only in posting not in picking. Without further delay we both agreed that this month's Blog Pick should be Kelly over at Missing TJ Snow. Kelly describes herself as a Wife, a Mother, a hard worker and an avid Angels fan from beautiful Southern California. She works full time outside the home which she says helps her stay sane most days.

Kelly also blogs Jennelle's Journey and contributes to the blog Postcards from Holland. What we love about Kelly is her drive for her family. Her determination to give Jennell and Jack the best life that they could possibly have; her resolved to educate all of us on children with special needs. She makes us laugh, cry, hold our breath as we read all the challenges and successes that Janelle goes through.

November is National Epilepsy Awareness Month; and Kelly is dedicating her blog this month to the education of Epilepsy. During the month of November, she is also listing things she is thankful for everyday.

Kelly hosts "Sunday Six" which is so much fun to read. She posts 6 questions towards the end of the week and the players get to post the answers to these questions on Sunday. The trick to the game is that you have to get the answers from your kids; and with young kiddos the answers are hilarious. She also plays "Stuff Portrait Friday" and "Waste of Space Monday". Kelly will write about everyday life; the challenges of having a child of special needs; funny things; serious things; family things and whatever is going on in her mind at the time. So Kelly, for this we celebrate you!

So go over and say hello to Kelly and help us celebrate:

Celebrating Women’s
November 2006
Blog Pick of the Month

For Jennelle:

Her Local Support Group - The Epilepsy Alliance of Orange County

National Epilepsy Foundation

More about November as National Epilepsy Awareness Month

More about our Daughter's diagnosis - Lennox Gastaut Syndrome

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