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Monday, November 06, 2006 We Have Returned! or "The Story of The Traveling Thong"

We have returned from the land of "big hair and shiny shoes". We had a blast! I don't have time to tell the whole story, so here are some words that relate to the weekend....you guys can make up your own story! The words/phrases are: I not know; I can't like it; there's someone laying on your front sidewalk; good morning sunshine; I think she drank like a whole suit case of beer; shit who is that in bed with me; I'd like the "Hovas"; is my hair big enough; I have sticky titties; a gay bar; my purse is vibrating but my phone is in my pocket; can I have my keys back; and my favorite-snowy bagels and snowy balls!

OK-enough. Like I said, you make up the story. Whatever you put together probably will be close to what really happened. If you want, put your story in our comments! We would like to thank Mr. & Mrs. Dallas K and Nik for letting us stay at their house. They are the some of the sweetest people and graciously let us camp out. Their house is fabo! Mrs. Dallas K makes some kick-ass egg tacos!

Oh, and my camera wasn't working so I didn't get pictures. SuZan did, so she'll probably post some updates later. In the interest of man kind and all things good, I stole some. Here they are:

The "Bitches"

Thelma & Louise (That's really us)
My eyes aren't red & glossy. I promise we only had a few Vanilla Rum w/Coke Zeros.
What? Yeah I put twice as much rum in each drink-what's the problem?

Whataburger-the best hangover prevention in the world! Word Up!

For the rest of the story, try here, here, here & here. Also, make sure to check out Kami's site for the return of "Titty Tuesday!"

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