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Wednesday, October 25, 2006 Hi Ho Hi Ho, It's Off To Work She Goes!

Yes! She got a job! My darling daughter who promised me that if she got a car, she would get a job and pay for insurance and gas. That was 3 months ago!

In her defense, do you know how hard it is for 16 year old to find a job? If you are 16, your name goes to the bottom of the list. Also, there is no more personal contact when going to apply for jobs. Usually you run into a "Marge" type person. Marge would be the gum chewing lady with the beehive hairdo, pencil and all, that doesn't look up when speaking and basically tells you "You must apply on-line."

J has done her share of "applying on-line". I encouraged her to go in, find the manager, tell them you applied on-line, and ask them directly if they are hiring. I always got the same answer-"XYZ just applied on-line and they called her/him!" Kids! Thanks to SuZan's son G2, he hooked us up. He told us when and who to talk to. I told J. Even better-I told J this information in front of SuZan and Big G. It really does take a village to raise kids. J thinks she can blow me off; but she was too afraid to let SuZan and Big G down. So she went, she saw, and she conquered!

Hopefully this will encourage son #1 to find a job!

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