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Friday, October 27, 2006 I Don't Recomend Starting Your Friday Like This

I'll start by saying there's been a little bit of, um, "family drama" going on. I can't share but just so you can get an idea, the media is involved. Thank Bob it's not immediate family, but it's family none-the-less.

Obviously I didn't sleep very well. When the alarm went off, I didn't wake up. Instead I woke up to my husband saying "what, what, what?" Apparently I was yelling and saying stuff to the alarm!

I stumble out of bed to the bathroom. I turn the shower on to get warm while I take care of "other" essential things. Half asleep thinking in the back of my mind how good a long, hot shower will feel, I stumble into the tub. Dumby me-I don't lift my back leg high enough and nail my tow on the side causing me to put all of my weight on my front foot that's already in the tub. The WET tub. Yeah, slip, boom, head, wall-not going to finish this thought.

I did survive and thank goodness I have a great husband who totally understands the essential nature of that first cup of coffee. He got out of bed, went down stairs and poured my coffee so that it would be waiting for me! Ahhh-things are looking up.

Or.....at least I thought! Stay tuned for part II.

Part II-

Me: "Daughter-what would you like for breakfast?"

J: "Cereal"

Me: "OK. Oh shit, I mean crap!"

J & Husband: "What?"

Me: "There are ants in the cereal-AGAIN! I JUST OPENED THIS BOX! I EVEN HAD A CLIP ON THE BAG!" (I was not happy-hence the all caps)

Husband: "Call the exterminator."

Me: "We don't need an exterminator. I'll just get some of those little ant trap thingies."

Husband: "No, we need an exterminator."

Me: "Why?"

Husband: "We have a bigger problem."

He then proceeds to pull out the bag of dog treats and shows me the hole eaten through the top. Oh, and the rat droppings under the sink.

Can you say VOMIT! I can't like rats. At that point I felt so dirty! I don't think I would have felt clean even after standing under a constant stream of acid! I'd like to add-we live in a neighborhood with a lot of trees. We've had a lot of rain. According to hubs, the rats get inside to stay dry. Whatever! It still grossed me out!

Guess what I'll be doing tomorrow!

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