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Friday, November 10, 2006 Stuff Portrait Friday!

I’m finally returning to the living…just in time for SPF! This week, Kristine wants us to think a little ‘out of the box’. We can make it as hard or as easy as we want this week. Our assignment:

1. YES!
2. NO!

Since every day revolves around these three words. This is the yes, no or maybe in our house right now.


The “yes” has been nice as we no longer are chauffeurs for G2. Now that he has his own wheels he actually runs some errands for me.


Of course with the “yes” leaves us with a big fat “no money” in our wallets. Just wait till you get the insurance bills!


G2’s Senior year brings all kinds of maybes. Maybe he will go here:

…or maybe he will go here:

…or maybe he will go here:

…I know he would like to go here:

How funny. I didn't tell SuZan I was going to play. Tee Hee! So I'm going to sneak mine in. I kind of cheated. I was going to post one picture for all three. But, I know you'd be disappointed. So here are mine:

My Tennis Shoes (Sneakers to you Yankees). This is a yes- I planned to go to the gym today. No-I really didn't want to go. Maybe I won't be sore tomorrow when I wake up.

Yes-this is my knee. No-it's not happy that I went to the gym. Maybe-I'll actually sit down, elevate, and ice it. A wee little bit swollen there. Ouch.

Finally-Yes, that's my son's number. No-I can't believe he's a Senior. Maybe-We'll win tomorrow!

So tell us…did you play?


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