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Saturday, November 11, 2006 Co-DISTRICT CHAMPS!


(Bobcat Fight Never Dies)

Our boys are off to the playoffs! They ended the regular season 9-1 and ranked 9th in the State. The game tonight was exciting. When we all arrived at the stadium the temp was a humid 85 degrees but the game was delayed because of lightning and they finally started playing at 10:30 PM (3 hour delay).

When the game started the temp had dropped to a windy 60 degrees (but it felt like 40). No jackets, no blankets, no coats, no hot chocolate or coffee. Sheri's daughter earned a place in heaven when she and her boyfriend left and brought back blankets and sweatshirts. Thank you "J"...I love you!

Now you know that boys will be boys; so you know they were going to do something crazy. The offensive line decided to shave their heads at school. Of course, when do you think that we found this out?... at the game when they removed their helmets:

Here is Sheri's son M:

What a ham!
And here is my son G2:

Lookin' all tough-mean!

Great job Bobcats...we look forward to the playoffs!

Check out one of the coolest plays of the season:



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