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Sunday, June 12, 2005 Disappointed with the Grapples

hybrid?....NOT Posted by Hello

Of course this is a classic example of “buyer beware”. I was in the grocery store and saw the Grapples. They caught my attention so I had to check it out. I thought they were a hybrid between a grape and an apple. They looked like an apple, but the smell was of grapes. Even though I’m not one to try hybrids (something about those altered chicken ads keep popping in my head…lol), I thought I would give them a try.

At home I my son tried one first, he stated they tasted like apples. I tried one and also, it tasted like an apple with grape juice. So now I decide to read the fine print: Ingredients-Fuji apples and artificial grape flavor. Not even grape juice, it is grape flavoring. They tasted fine but for the price, no way. If I want grapples I’ll soak my own!

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