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Friday, June 17, 2005 Does Your Husband Need Training?

"Most guys do, at least when it comes to flattering their wives. Quick, give him this guide…before he lands in the doghouse again." By Beth Levine

This article in the July 2005 issue of Good Housekeeping made me laugh. Yes the article was funny, but I was laughing because my husband and I have had this discussion many times. He has a very unique philosophy on communicating with women. I thought it would be funny to just ask him some of the questions from the article.

My Husbands Point of View:
You must first learn to grunt. Since every question your beautiful wife asks you is a trick question, grunting is safe and can be interpreted any way. She will continue to press you for more information, but you just state…”that’s not what I said”.

Does this dress make me look fat?
You are in trouble with whatever answer you give. If you say yes, then you had better head for the hills. If you say no, she will say “are you sure?” or “Oh your just saying that”. So you see it is a trick question.

Can we discuss something important to me?
Oh no, just grunt, trust me on this one.

Do you wish I still looked the way I did when we first met?
Silence…Stare (not even a grunt).

Gotta love him! He does try. :)

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