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Friday, June 17, 2005 The World of Podcasting

On Tuesday, SuZan and I posted our first podcast. I realized then that a lot of people may not know about podcasting and the preface behind it. I have to admit, if I wasn't married to a techno-geek (it's OK to call him that as he is a self-proclaimed geek), I wouldn't have known about podcasting.

Podcasting is a lot like blogging. Most people who blog use blogging as a tool to express their personal feelings and desires. Its a mode of communication that enables each blogger to communicate with and reach people they otherwise wouldn't. For the most part, it's an uncensored platform allowing each person to share and promote exactly would they would like to.

SuZan and I worked in conjunction with The Podcast Network to create our first podcast. Check out their site to get a more in depth understanding of podcasting. While your there, take some time to check out some of the other fantastic shows! Here is a brief explanation on podcasting from their site:

"What is a Podcast?The short story...its exciting and relevant audio content, that is easy to get and that you can listen to anytime and anywhere. For the full story, and easy directions on how to download our wide variety of shows, click here for our easy guide to podcatching"

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