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Friday, June 17, 2005 The Dreaded "Well Woman Exam" - Yuck

It's been two years since my last exam. I know, slap my hands. But, can you blame me? It's just such a pain in the ass (or there about). I woke up dreading my damn appointment. I've been dreading it all day. I don't know what I am dreading the most: missing lunch and eating pretzels at my desk? I mean, I can't possible justify going to lunch AND leaving early for the doctor all in one day; Am I dreading the freaking 2 hour wait before I even get back to the exam room; Am I dreading sitting naked on the stupid table for probably an hour reading their stupid expired magazines; Am I dreading the uncomfortable exam with those salad tong looking things? You'd think they'd come up with some other method for checking things out. Maybe they should call this the biatch exam because that's exactly what kind of mood I'm in.

Sorry honey, this is going to be a be no night..... be no fun at our house!
UPDATE!! I was lucky enough to be the last appointment. No waiting as they wanted to get out of there as much as I did! The exam wasn't too pleasant, but she was more than happy to refill ALL of my prescriptions. Anything to get me out of there!

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