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Tuesday, June 28, 2005 The Price We Pay - Braggin' or Bargain?

Here something useless to think about. Does it bother others when people share their fantastic bargain buys as it does when others have the need to share how expensive something was that they purchased? For example, someone I work with just got married. Every time they bought something it was, "Can you believe we spent this much on the cake, and the photographer charges this much (yes, he put the invoice on my desk to show me), and we're having the reception here and it's really expensive?" (Those are direct quotes people). I interpret that behavior as a lack of self-worth, or as I like to call it "short man's syndrome". On the other hand, does it drive them nuts when they compliment my shoes and I say "I only paid $7 for these at Payless. They had such a great sale that I bought several different colors!"

I think I'd much rather here about how much someone saved than spent. I also assume that people that brag about the extraordinary cost of things usually don't have it to spend. Anyone else care to share their thoughts?

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