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Saturday, June 25, 2005 My Mother-In-Law is So Wise!

I am so lucky to have been blessed with a great Mother-In-Law. She is such a kind, patient person. She is 82 years young and just lost her husband of 60 years. The other day I was commenting on her plants as they all are so healthy and beautiful. There was one plant that she had growing up her fence and I asked her how she got it to grow that way. Her response was "You know, plants are a lot like children. You feed them, nurture them, and give them direction and hope they grow the way you want. When they get unruly, you clip them back and set them back on track. The key is, giving them enough guidance, but letting them make some decisions as to how they want to grow. They may not go where you think they should, but sometimes the path they choose is better than the one you've chosen for them." I asked her how she decides when she should step in and do some clipping and redirecting. She said, "Well, when they interfere with the other plants or are growing in a way that could kill it."

Such wise words!

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