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Friday, June 24, 2005 Sam Houston State University

Sam Houston State University Posted by Hello
One of the “projects” this summer is for my son and I to visit Universities here in the State (tuition costs you know). We went to our first collage tour this week at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas. Things sure have changed since I graced the halls of knowledge!

The University Representative told us that we were smart starting this early (my son will be a Junior this coming school year). Starting the search early tends to make the transition smoother and helps the student feel confident about their decision, not to mention (as in our case) put out there the expectations and “what it takes” to be admitted.

We continued the tour walking around the campus and WOW, I was amazed at what was offered for the students. Dorm rooms (which aren’t what they used to be); workout area, entertainment area; besides the regular cafeteria, they had several “fast food” places on campus and even a Mexican Restaurant (yum). They even have a Hotel for parents. At the end of the tour, I wanted to sign myself up (forget the boy…I want to stay). I really liked the campus, it wasn’t too big and wasn’t too small. Huntsville, is located on the edge of the piney woods of East Texas and is very lush and green. My son was also very impressed and hopefully the strategy will work to inspire him to move a little closer to his potential.

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