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Tuesday, June 21, 2005 The "Man Chair" bwahahaha!!

Ladies-remember the days after you were first married and couldn't bare to be apart from your hubby for 8 hours let alone several days? I remember them well. My husband traveled extensively when we first married and usually his travels took him over seas. Our schedules were such that it was not conducive for me to travel with him, so I spent a lot of time alone. I just didn't know how I'd ever make it through the week without him.

I'll tell you what, after six years of marriage, I love him as much as I did before, but, I'm so looking forward to sitting in the "Man Chair", with the remote :-} !!! Don't get me wrong, I miss him terribly, but oh, the man chair. You see, this chair is worn to the perfect softness. It's angled so that you can see the TV without obstruction, and, as I found out today, the air conditioner vent is turned to blow directly on the chair's occupant. Why my obsession with this chair? Because I never get to sit in it! My husband seems to always be in the chair, hence the chair acquired the "man chair" title!

So far, I've only been in the man chair today for maybe....30 minutes total. You see, I had this huge list of things that I just knew I was going to get done. Yeah, right! I came in, looked at the chair, tripped over the dog, oh shit, I need to let the dogs out (husband's job). Then I ran to my bedroom, ripping my suit and heels off while sprinting to the closet to get in my comfy clothes. Woo Hoo I'm going to hit the chair. As I come out of the bedroom ready to float to the chair, there are four beady eyes staring at me. Shit again, I need to feed the dogs (again, my husband's job). As I walk through the laundry room to get the dog food, what to my wondering eyes doth appear? DIRTY LAUNDRY! OK, so I'll feed the dogs, and while their eating, I'll switch out the laundry, then.... you got it.... CHAIR TIME! Oh, that's right, the dogs need to go out again after they eat. Out they go. While I'm out there, I look at the grass that is getting dry and brown. OK, I'll turn on the sprinkler, but that's it! Got it set up, walked in, and started to get hungry. Oh great, my son was going to make breakfast for dinner. Well, that was before his friends called. It's only me. What to eat? Man, all of the good, fattening food is gone! All the food is gone for that matter (teenagers). Do I run out and get something? The sweat is forming on my brow. If I were to do that, well, that would take more time from "THE CHAIR". What to do? There's got to be something in the deep freeze. Ah, one last frozen Lean Cuisine Dinner. Not too much frost on it, should be OK. Stick it in the microwave for 5 mins, perfect amount of time to check email. Checking, checking, oh my, seems to be a problem with our podcast feed. OK, I'll shoot off an email to get that fixed. Holy heck, 89 unread emails. I'll just skim over them. Thirty minutes later, the forgotten dinner. Should taste really good now. Well, while I eat, I'll balance my check book. But, where did all of these receipts come from? Ring, ring. SuZan? Go walking? Sounds like a great idea.

I could go on, but you get the gist of it. Oh my Man Chair, when oh when will I get to be with you?

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