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Sunday, June 19, 2005 Opps! Michelin Fubbed Up at Indianapolis!

Michael Schumacher Posted by Hello

Today is Father’s Day, and of course we do things my husband likes to do. Even though my son is a “Sports Fanatic” (and I do mean fanatic about all sports), my husband is only passionate about racing. We sit down ready to watch the United States Grand Prix. All of a sudden, Michelin announced that they would not approve their tires for the race unless a chicane was added at one of the turns to slow the cars down onto the banked corner. They had problems with the tires during the trials and only brought back up rain tires. Now, they are looking out for the safety of the drivers, as they should. The race starts and there are only six teams racing…Uggg!

What makes me feel this was inexcusable is that this was the sixth Formula I race at Indianapolis, plenty of years to prepare for this track; they tried to muscle and threaten the Federation Internationale De L’ Automobile and bring in tires that were not approved (because it might give them an advantage). So I think it was fine for the FIA to call them on their bluff. Of course the losers in all this are the Fans, the Teams and the drivers, all of the drivers because the winners certainly don’t want to win this way.

Sham on you Michelin! I guess your giving the FIA more ammunition since they want to bring back to the rules for only one tire supplier.

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