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Saturday, June 18, 2005 Happy Father's Day

For those of you who still have fathers on this earth, take the time to hug and kiss them. If that is not an option, then pick-up the phone and call them. For those of you whose fathers have passed to another place, hug yourself as a little bit of your dad lives on through you. My husband's father passed away this past Thanksgiving. He was old (87) and in a lot of pain. We know he is in a better place. That doesn't make it any easier to celebrate this first Father's Day without him. Even though I was only a part of his life for seven years, I want to share with everyone what a good loving, honest, caring, gentle man he was. He accepted me into the family and loved me as if I was his own. So this Father's Day, I not only want to wish my darling husband a Happy Father's Day, but I would also like to pay tribute to my Father-In-Law. Below is an excerpt from a letter my husband wrote to his dad after his passing. This was so beautiful that the minister read this in it's entirety during the funeral then put it in my Father-In-Law's pocket in the casket to live on forever.

Honey-I love you completely. Happy Father's Day!
"Goodbye to a great man"

"My father was one of those people who understood that to achieve greatness could only be done through maintaining strength of character in all that you do. He instilled in his children the unerring credo that you must always do the right thing. It doesn't matter if doing the right thing is difficult, or if doing the right thing is the popular thing to do. What matters is you always stay true to your convictions, and your actions must be consistent with your beliefs."
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