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Tuesday, June 21, 2005 In Search of a Guest Bedroom #2

Progress Posted by Hello

I cannot believe all of this Crap! As you can see I am making progress (to bad the dining room is filling up with junk, but you have to move it out first). I have thrown away four garbage bags full of “stuff”. You are not going to believe some of the junk I have found:

April 17 newspaper from 2004
Power Ranger wrapping paper (I think at 16 my son is over them now)
Son’s freshman football physical
Hartz 2in1 Flea & Tick Killer for dogs (we haven’t had a dog in 8 years)
Oh good God a spare headboard! (what I need that for I don’t know)
All of the boards my son broke when he was in Karate (from age 5 to 8, I think I’ll just keep the first one he broke).
All the pinewood derby cars my son and husband built (sorry…these are keepers)
A printer (that doesn’t work)

You get the idea…sigh. As much as I hate clutter, this has been unbelievable. This room has been the catch all for everyone. It has been so easy just to shut the door…..BUT no more! Can’t wait to work on the fun stuff.

My poor dining room...sniff...sniff Posted by Hello

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