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Sunday, June 19, 2005 To The Father Who Was Never There

As my son grows and I see the relationship that he has with his father, it directs me to reflect on the one I have with mine. This is not a warm and fuzzy post, nor one of sorrow. It is how I feel after coming to terms with the cards I was dealt, and it is OK.

To The Father Who Was Never There
The memories are few, fortunately or unfortunately uneventful. You left out of my life when I was one and except for an occasional family reunion or an attempt from my part, you have not been in my life. Please do not feel sorry for me as this is what I know to be normal, and the only thing that I have experienced. I have in the past comforted myself by believing that you cared. I wanted to believe that circumstances have made it unavoidable for you to be a father. But the truth we both know.

I can remember those few family reunions looking forward to seeing you and wanting to spend time with you, only to get lost in the sea of people that I really didn't know. In adulthood I remember the anticipation of bringing you your eight year old grandson for you to meet. Yes you were kind, and I certainly enjoyed your wife (who reminded me of my mother), but we have no connection and no history.

There are no feelings of hurt, no feelings of disappointment only feelings of what you have lost out on. I have had an interesting life and have a great and caring family. Your grandson is a good young man, with dreams and ambitions that you would be proud of. I’m sorry for you because you have missed out on so much, and my experience or lack there-of has only reinforced my belief in a strong family. I do love you…Happy Father’s Day.

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