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Thursday, June 23, 2005 In Search of a Guest Bedroom #3

Slowly getting there Posted by Hello
Marching on! I am making progress in my search of a guest bedroom. It doesn’t look as drastic as the last post but I am trying to rid myself of stuff as I go (because the dining room is driving me crazy). Now I’m forcing the issue, I went out yesterday and ordered new carpet for the guest bedroom (being we sloped glue on it when we put in the wood floors down the hallway).

Tip of the Day: If you only have a room to recarpet, ask at the store if they have any remnants in their warehouse. I did this and I am getting Mohawk frieze carpeting, installed, for a sweetheart of a deal.

So they will be here Tuesday to install the carpet. Before they do that, I have to clear everything out and paint. I’ve pretty much decided I didn’t want to mess with the floor moldings, so I will just give them a good scrubbing. And to top it off I won’t be able to work on it until Saturday (Hospital called…..I’m out spending money…..guess I’ve got to….sigh). This weekend I’ll trade out with my sister-in-law that big sewing table for a vanity to go in the room. I wish Katy were here, she said she likes doing this kind of stuff!

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