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Tuesday, June 07, 2005 When Your Hairdresser Goes on Vacation!

You know what happens; you try to squeak another week out before you get your hair done. Then you make the call and YOUR HAIRDRESSER HAS GONE ON VACATION!.. NoooooooooooooUgggggggggggggCRAP! OK; just gonna have to deal with it!

This was my reaction last week when I made that call. After a couple of days of trying different parts in my hair (you know…to cover up the roots as best you can); tease the bangs up since they now go down to my chin (can’t go without the bangs you see there is just too much grey to part and go); not to mention that there is no way to tame the “lion’s mane” affect going on here. So I finally just pulled it back and wore it up for a week (and everyone just thought I was getting in the swing of summer; yeah right).

I wondered why I just didn’t feel right and I have concluded that finding the right hairdresser is just as hard as finding the right doctor. I know personally I would change doctors before I would give up my hairdresser. But I lived through it (silly me), disaster averted, and the hair is back in place!

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