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Tuesday, June 07, 2005 Darn Dogs

Oh how I wanted to sleep in today. After all, don't I deserve it? I walked yesterday morning, went to the gym in the evening, cleaned the bathrooms, etc., etc. The alarm went off and I thought "I'll just snooze the alarm for a few more times". The dogs however didn't seem to understand my thought pattern as, after pressing the snooze button, I felt a cold, wet nose on my face and felt a tail wagging on my arm. I tried to appease little dog by petting him and even put him under the covers. Didn't work. The big dog then wakes up and starts nosing me. Ok, Ok, I think "I'll brush my teeth and wash my face, then go sit on the couch with my coffee as it's not quite 5:30 so I have a little bit of time to work with. Then, just maybe, the dogs will forget that they wanted to walk". Nope, didn't work. They followed me to the bathroom, then to the closet while I threw on some close, then to the sink to brush my teeth. All the while little dog is running between my legs just to make sure I didn't forget about him. I get my coffee, turn on the news, and hear wonderful news, it was raining in some part of Houston. Excitement starts to creep in as both dogs are snobs and feel they are too good to get wet. Unfortunately for me, Houston is a big city and I don't live in the "part of Houston" that was getting the rain. As if on queue, the clock strikes 5:30 and the two dogs are looking at me. I get my shoes on, but still, in the back of my mind I'm thinking "OK, we're going to make this a short walk, and we're NOT going to walk fast". I should have known, the dogs had other plans. To make a long story short (you're right, too late for that), I walked the usual mile in 30 mins. and was glad I did when I got home.

After we got home, I jumped in the shower. When I got out, two dogs (one on my bed) were SOUND ASLEEP! Grrrr!

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