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Saturday, June 04, 2005 Here Today.....Hot Tamale!

Since I’m always wanting to try new things, I had the opportunity to learn to cook homemade tamales (I think I’m over that now). Four of us planned and got together at my house. Two of the ladies knew what they were doing, and two of us didn’t have a clue (you know which category I was in)! Of course as soon as my husband and son found out that we were going to have a “bunch of women” over to make tamales, they decided to attend an Astros game today. Even though the game started at 3:00 pm, they high tailed it out of the house at 8:30 am.

Making the tamales was a very interesting endeavor, and very time consuming. We started at 9:00 am, (we all had cooked pork and chicken the day before) and finished at 3:30 pm. We ended up with about 32 dozen tamales, some pork, chicken, cheese & jalapeno, and bean. I knew that making them was a pain in the butt, but I really had no idea how much was involved. I don’t think I could (or would) ever make them by myself. Of course what made it bearable was all of us cutting up and having a great time. The camaraderie of all of us together was fun and entertaining. Now I have a freezer full of tamales and quite a back ache. I think I’ll go take a nap in my husband’s “man chair”. Hmmmm, seems like a good night for “fend for yourself” dinner, I am over that "Susi Homemaker" thing for a while.

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