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Wednesday, June 01, 2005 BEAUTY TIPS #1 Natural Plastic Surgeries

This past weekend I learned some valuable beauty tips from nature. When you are watching your body grow in areas you never imagined, you begin to start thinking about what you can do about it. This weekend was a revelation, and nature itself provided me with answers. If you are starting to notice the following situations, please try these solutions before any drastic measures:

BOOB JOB: Is gravity starting to set in? Are they getting closer to your belly button? If you have contemplated having surgery to turn back the time a little, try nature’s remedy first.
Solution: Jump in the water when it is 70 degrees with a northern breeze. It will perk them right up…I promise!

DROOPY EYES: If you have had plenty of sleep and you are rested but you still have droopy eyes, try this:
Solution: Sit in the passenger’s seat while your 16 year old is driving for about 180 miles. Your eye lift will last at least 24 hours.

BAD POSTURE: If you find yourself slowly slouching down in a chair you don’t need a stick to lean against to straighten up, simply try this:
Solution: While you are sitting, relaxing and enjoying the scenery, a cold, wet dog nose runs up your back. You will be surprised how quickly your posture improves.

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