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Monday, May 30, 2005 What Would Happen To My Husband If......

he had to go a whole weekend without TOUCHING his ( or a ) computer? See, my husband is JK from JKOnTheRun. If you click on the link to his blog, it will only take you a few reads before you figure out that he is a complete "Techno Geek". Now, it's not that I mind him being a geek, but, I don't think that he realizes that he is ALWAYS on his computer. He has a Tablet PC and we have wireless internet throughout the house, so, he can take and work on his computer EVERYWHERE (yes, including the bathroom). In the evenings when we are sitting down to watch TV or read, he is on the computer. When he runs out of things that he's working on and all the email has been read, he then plays games ON THE COMPUTER! I've jokingly commented on the "growth" at the end of his hand (the computer), and how rich the person will be when they figure out how to remove it.

What brought me to thinking about this topic was a conversation he and I had today. I told him that I didn't think that he could take me away for just a weekend trip and not take his computer. He said that he'd just need it to check and respond to emails. That was exactly my point, what would he have done just a few years ago when email and internet was not as convenient to access as it is now? I think the accessibility of these tools has enabled us to not "unplug" or "unwire" ourselves and really just BE ourselves. I honestly think that my husband would be on life support if he had to go even a day without these conveniences. So, I challenge you, dear, a weekend with me, away from the house, with NO computer or internet! :-)


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