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Friday, May 27, 2005 Now That I Can Sleep In…..I CAN’T!

The kids are now out of school, all of my paperwork has been completed and the year is closed out. I purposely kept the dreadful schedule “empty” (except of course, a planned trip to my favorite store, Target). After working hard throughout the year, the moment had come that I had been looking forward to; “to sleep until I wake up (without an alarm clock)”. The only thing this “night owl” had planned for today, was to sleep in! What do you think happened? I woke up at 5:25 AM!

Of course this doesn’t happen when I have to get up. Oh, I tried to go back to sleep, curled up with my pillow, pulled the covers over my head, and tossed the cat out of the bedroom. These are all great strategies when one contemplates uninterrupted slumber.

SIGH! I guess I’ll just go and make some coffee.

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