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Sunday, May 22, 2005 Product Plug - Glad ForceFlex Trash Bags

When I come across a product that makes my life easier, I feel its only right to share. I recently ran out of trash bags. I ran to the store and picked up Glad ForceFlex trash bags . I had seen these advertised on TV, but that was not my deciding factor when purchasing. To be quite honest, I bought them because they were on sale. I didn't think anything more of this until I asked one of my sons to take out the trash. He commented on how much better these bags were and the fact that they didn't tear on the way out to the garage. This weekend I've undertaken a horrendous cleaning task and have filled up (actually over filled) quite a few bags. I am quite impressed. Not one bag ripped, tore, or leaked! In the future, as long as the budget allows, I most likely will pick up these bags regardless of the price. If you are the "seeing is believing" type, visit their web page via the link above. They not only offer coupons, but you can read other people's reviews. Happy cleaning! (Can you actually say happy and cleaning in the same sentence?)

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