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Friday, May 20, 2005 Free Gas - For My Car!!

A local radio station (104.1 KRBE) as had a promotion recently called "Free Gas Friday". They show up at an undisclosed location. They announce a password on the air. Then they tell us where they are. As I'm dropping my daughter off at school and cursing the traffic, the announcer says, "All I can tell you is, we are at a Sonic in NW Houston". Mind you, NW Houston is a HUGE area. Then the guy says, "After I'm done, we're right next to a Wal-Mart, I think I'll stop in and get a Light Saver." Well, there happens to be a Sonic in a Wal-Mart parking lot about 5 minutes from the school in NW Houston. I thought-what the heck, free is free, I'll see if that's where they are. Sure enough, that's where they were. I got in line and got a gas card valued at $25 for the purchase of food or gas from any Shell station. SWEET! And to think, had I not been stuck in traffic, I would have been to far on my way to work in the other direction! Thanks KRBE!

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