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Friday, May 20, 2005 Weight Loss Sucess!

I'm so excited that we can post an update already. As you know, we started our walking regimine this past Wednesday (made it 1 mile) and started to focus on portion control (not portion deprivation). Yesterday, SuZan was at a function that required her to square dance and I was at my son's baseball game. I took advntage of his warm-up time to throw the baseball with my daughter. This required me to do a lot of ball chasing as I have NO hand/eye coordination. SuZan said that she has already lost a few pounds and I didn't have to squeeze into my jeans this morning after getting them out of the dryer. More importantly, we both feel better and have had more energy the past few days than we've had for a while. I don't know if I've lost pounds as I'm still in denile and haven't replaced the scale that broke when I got mad at it! I guess that will be my next hurdle! Stay tuned.......

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