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Sunday, May 22, 2005 Waiting for my Teenager to come home

It is quickly approaching midnight, my 16 year old son's curfew. I have done everything that I can do to make it look like I'm not waiting up for him, even though I am. As I write, I'm sitting hear with knots in my stomach knowing that I will in no way possible be able to sleep until I hear the front door close and lock and the sound of his feet over my head. Is this what our parents went through?

I am pondering if what I wrote earlier regarding the baby of the family and deciding if it serves the same purpose here. I was the baby of the family. I feel that in a circumstance like this, I'm grateful that I was the baby as my older brother and sister broke my parents in. I remember how they used to worry about who, what, where and when to the point that my brother and sister couldn't sneeze without a written affidavit as to where they were when it happend. By the time I hit my teenage years (my brother is 18 years older than me and my sister is 5 years older),my parents chilled out considerably. It was almost as if they were saying "we know that no matter what we say regarding drinking sex and drugs, you're going to be exposed, so please make good choices, be confident enough to make those choices, but above all, be smart." They never said that in so many words, but I felt like they trusted me to do the right thing. I'm not going to lie and tell you that I never made a bad choice, but I always was aware of the consequences of my choices and probably made smarter choices because of that.

So, back to the topic, will this ever get easier?

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