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Saturday, May 21, 2005 How Family Life Has Changed

I really pondered this thought and this is what I came up with. As a child, I can remember being a part of the family. We traveled, we did things together, my parents entertained a lot (and I was thrilled that I got to play hostess from the age of 9 on). When ever I found an interest, I explored it. I can even count on one hand how many times my mom helped me with homework. You have to know that in retrospect I absolutely loved my childhood, it was filled with countless opportunities, interesting people and I have most likely had exposure to more cultural events that my own son will probably ever experience in his lifetime.

Now on to today! Looking at our household and my friend’s households, the children are no longer a part of the family. They are the focus of the family! Think about how we live our lives. Our children are so involved in activities; we are constantly playing chuffers driving our kids to and from different events. When my son was younger I can't tell you how many countless hours have been spent on helping with homework, and even now I still help him with biology and spanish. We all want our children to experience different things and explore various avenues, but I worry that we are cutting out precious time that we all used as children to exercise the imagination, expand creativity, develop strengths and expand on interests. I look at my own son and worry because when I was his age (and he really hates hearing this), I was so much more responsible and more independent.

I don’t know if I am worrying over nothing, but I do worry. You know the grown up world isn’t the friendliest and I am concerned that we haven’t prepared him for it. Of course in his eyes, my husband has already had his lobotomy and I’m on the operating table.

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