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Sunday, May 22, 2005 Scheduling Time for Sex?

I was reading an article in May 2005 issue of Redbook entitled "Sex Milestones That Bring You and Him Closer". Most of the article was irrelevant as the article dealt with issues such as the first time you did it in your parents house, trying to conceive sex, after birth sex, etc. nothing which pertains to me as the "first time" was a long time ago and conception sex is not an issue that I want to remotely visit (teenagers are the best birth control on the market). This point really made sense to me. It stated:

"Scheduling sex can be pretty unsexy. Putting sex on your to-do list is more romantic that it seems. First, it shows that you both treasure "just us" time. And scheduling romance builds anticipation. When you know you're going to do the deed later that night, you can leave him little notes or whisper innuendos to each other, which gets you both longing for your sex date. If you worry that having to book an intimate encounter with your man is a sign your romance is dead, consider this: You've been scheduling sex all along. When you were dating, didn't you know you were going to have sex on Saturday night? When you go away to a hotel for a weekend getaway, aren't you certain you're going to be intimate? Bottom line: penciling in passion doesn't mean you two are boring; it means you're committed to having a sexy marriage-and what could be more romantic that that?"
I don't know if this theory works, but it sure will be fun checking it out!

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