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Sunday, May 22, 2005 A Word From The House.....(there has got to be a better way)

As a good citizen (or at least I try to be), I feel I have just wasted three hours of my life, and am totally frustrated. I thought I would get informed and watch the State House of Representatives in session. There happened to be a Bill that would have an affect on the company my husband works for. So here I am watching the live feed, listening intently, watching the battle over amendments to this certain Bill (that’s right, just the amendments. Don’t know when they are supposed to debate the Bill).

I fully understand now that the “the wheels of justice (or government) turn exceedingly slow”. I thought I had a minimal understanding of this Bill but after watching the House “in action” I am more confused than ever (and so are some of the House Members, really.....they said so). I had no idea who was for, or who was against what! I found that some Representatives were not even prepared to be up at the podium. Some even tried to turn the debate off to another direction than what was put forth. Geez people, if industry ran like this, we would still be in the day of the horse and buggy (OK.....I'll get off my soap box now)!

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