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Monday, May 30, 2005 Feeling Guilty About Doing Nothing

Today is Memorial Day. I actually have a day off from work, but do I? So, I don't have to physically go to work, but now I have my work at home staring at me. My kids, who are capable of fixing their own breakfast, think that I, for some reason, should be responsible for this task since I'm home (ok, so they didn't come out and say this, but they implied it through their sweet little pouty faces and body language). The dogs think I should walk them (ok, they didn't come out and tell me that they want to be walked, but they aren't leaving my side and they are looking at me with puppy dog eyes). My husband isn't sure what to do with me (he works from home and is not used to me being here). To make matters worse, I somehow feel guilty about sitting on my butt doing nothing when after all, I could be writing and updating this blog, doing laundry, cleaning the bathroom, working in the yard, making sure that I provide some kind of stimulating activity for my family, and I should make some effort to put together the typical Memorial Day Barbeque. The fact of the matter is, I just don't want to. I want to get a pedicure, I want to engage in brainless activity, but I can't. I asked my husband if he would be unhappy with me if I didn't "catch up" on all the housework that I put off. He said he didn't care. So, why am I sitting here feeling guilty? I think this ties into the point SuZan wrote about earlier regarding "Shooting The Bastard" (see article below).

This brings me to another point-who really is "The Bastard". Is it a man, is it a woman, is it the advertisers, is it Hollywood and what they portray in movies and TV, or could the bastard actually be ourselves? Sometimes I think we (women) are our own worst enemy. I feel that "I" am the only one making myself feeling guilty about doing nothing today.

So, here it goes, I will do nothing today unless I want to do it. Wow, what a liberating idea. I feel better already. Ta for now as I've started my bubble bath (a bubble bath at noon on a weekday!), then I'm off to do some shopping (at my pace at my store), then, I may even squeeze in that pedicure. As far as dinner.... I'm pretty sure my husband know the number for Dominos! I'll take copious notes and be sure to let you all now how it turns out!

Happy Memorial Day!

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