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Tuesday, May 31, 2005 And Who Won Indy?

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This historical Indy 500 is partly what our blog is all about! On Sunday I watched the Indianapolis 500 on the edge of my seat. Of course I was routing for Danica Patrick who was racing for the Rahal Letterman Team, and boy did she deliver! There are several articles in the paper and on the Web of her accomplishment: She was the first woman to ever lead in the race; she finished fourth; made Rookie mistakes but was able to correct them; etc. The article from REUTERS.com entitled “Tough rookie Patrick makes her point at Indy 500” was very good. If you didn’t get a chance to see the race, click on the article title to read about it.

“Early in Sunday's race Patrick made another mistake that dropped her from fourth to 16th but again she kept her cool and eventually worked her way toward the front of the grid.”

Wow, this young lady at 23 has had a huge impact on the sport of racing. There are some who refuse to watch any race she is in because she is a female. I say, if she can hang with the big boys (pardon the pun), she needs to go for it! None of the other racers did her any favors, she earned this. I know that Patrick is just pursuing her own dreams. But for all of us that are not afraid to try new things but just need a little encouragement.....Thank you!

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