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Tuesday, May 31, 2005 In Response To....What Would Happen To My Husband

I have to say that I am the “geek” in my house hold (sort of anyway, I’ll be the one to figure out how to do things…maybe “geek-wanna-be”). My Husband took off from work Tuesday so we decided to leave town and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and go to east Texas and stay at the lake. There, we do have a phone and television/satellite, but no computer. Saturday was a bit rough. I kept on going into the house and just standing there looking around feeling like something was missing. I did change and go down to the boathouse and stay for a while but I will bet you anything, I would run up to the house every hour on the hour and go in and just stand and stare into nothingness. Sunday was a bit better, I probably only went up to the house for my staring ritual maybe 5 times (a bit better than Saturday) and each time my staring got shorter and I would state “oh” and go back to the boat house. By Monday it had diminished down to an occasional thought, wondering how the blog was doing and how many emails I would have waiting for me. But all in all I did manage to unwind and enjoy the lake.

So Sheri, I hate to tell you, a weekend will not do it. To unwind and unplug will probably require four to five days (sorry JK, this is tough love you know). But it is so worth it!

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