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Friday, June 03, 2005 A New Perspective

As I previously posted, I've been holding myself accountable and walking every morning from 5:30 - 6:00 a.m. since I no longer have the "school house shuffle" (summertime!). I'm going to tell ya, it ain't easy! I keep thinking "21 days to star a habit". I try to stay on well lighted open areas and usually go the same route everyday. Today I decided on going the same route, but in the reverse direction. Even though I've traveled the same route now for a week, I started noticing different landscaping etc. since I was coming from the other direction. This revelation got me thinking. A lot of times we get stuck in a "rut" in our lives, whether as a mother, a wife, an employee, as a citizen. We then start to get depressed or do things out of habit without really realizing the purpose. Maybe it's not what we're doing, but how we're doing it. Maybe we need to come in from a different direction or tackle our daily chores from a different angle. I felt not only physically refreshed, but I guess emotionally refreshed with the determination and idea to look at the not so pleasant parts of my day from a different direction.

Always one to practice what I preach, I get to work. My "inbox" was overflowing. There's only one way in and one way out of my office and the inbox sits on the corner of my desk for easy access by my boss. I tried moving my inbox. Didn't work. It was still overflowing. I tried staring at a focal point on my wall as I walk into my office. Nope, still overflowing. In an effort to not lose my positive outlook I knew I needed to come up with a plan. I got a big cardboard box and put everything from my inbox into the cardboard box which I shoved under my desk. I placed the now empty inbox back to its spot. Yep, worked like a charm. I am no longer overwhelmed by my inbox! Guess I can take off early today since my inbox is empty! Just kidding!

Happy Friday,

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