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Wednesday, June 01, 2005 White Knuckles and Valium

One of the most stressful times in parenthood is when your teenager learns to drive. Today we have a couple of options as to how to prepare our children for this endeavor. As for us, my husband and I decided that the best option was to send our son to Driver’s Ed. We figured we didn’t want to serve the jail term that we would have after killing our son if we taught him how to drive. I am pleased to announce that the Driver’s Ed. School is still in business now that he has completed the course.

On our last road trip, our son convinced us to let him drive home (approximately 180 miles). During the drive through all the small towns, my blood pressure was only slightly elevated until we got closer to Houston and traffic. I can honestly say that I have a few more gray hairs after the experience. I also learned that EVERYTHING is so much closer on the passenger’s side.

I really tried to be supportive but good God, I’ll take an arobics course to increase my heart rate, not this! After a few hours of “your too close to the curb”, “please slow down”, “get off his tail”, “STOP NOW! ”, we finally arrived home. I did refrained from getting out of the truck and kissing the driveway. It took at least 3 hours for my stomach to settle. That evening, I asked my husband (who is not the most patient person in the world) how he coped with our son driving? "You just sat in the back seat and didn’t say a word the whole trip". I then found out that he wore his sun glasses to hide the fact that he kept his eyes closed the whole trip!

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