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Monday, June 06, 2005 Top Feline...........Still.

The Family Pets Posted by Hello

My son and his friend came in from running around outside with a box. Inside the box was a cute, adorable, little black kitten. She couldn’t have been more than 5 weeks old. They stated that they found the kitten in the bayou, behind our subdivision. She was in a cardboard box with a few morsels of cat food and cat poop. Our cat Mercedes was very curious about this little fur ball, that is until the little fur ball tried to nurse her.

This situation has made me furious! The temperatures here are now in the mid 90’s (hot and humid); and as far as the food that was left for this kitten, I don’t think she is even eating cat food yet (and she had no water). There are so many places that you can drop off an animal if it is unwanted, the SPCA; Special Pals; and Citizens for Animal Protection come to mind; why would anyone leave her out in the heat to die!

Anyway, we did find the kitten a home, if we hadn’t’ I guess we would have had another member of the family but for now Mercedes is still “Top Feline”

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