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Tuesday, July 19, 2005 The Real Women Show #005 Is Live


Welcome back and thanks for listening. This is show #5 and boy, is it jammed pack with information! After we set the timer (we’ve got to keep ourselves honest), we review our week. Find out why Sheri has a hole in her ceiling, and what it takes to get three children packed for a two week vacation-with their dad! SuZan shares her experience with her teenage son going out with friends-driving friends that is!

SuZan found some great information about the Dove Corporation and their new marketing campaign designed to feature “real women”. Sheri realizes that with her kids gone, she doesn’t now how to relax and have some alone time which brings up an article that appears in the July 2005 issue of The Oprah Magazine.

After a short intermission, we talk about some awesome stuff that’s appeared on our “Blog Pick of the Month”. We briefly chat about the new reality show that aired last week on ABC called “Brat Camp” and how it was interesting to see the counselor’s use some of the same techniques we’re learning from the book “STEP”-Systematic Training for Effective Parenting. We continue on to do a brief review of what we’ve covered in the book and talk a little more about what we’ve learned as we continue to read the 2nd chapter.

We finish the show with a freakin awesome recipe for Pineapple Pie that SuZan made. She got the recipe from a fantastic cookbook called “The Four Ingredient Cookbook” by Linda Coffee and Emily Cale. Trust me when I say it was delicious! While flipping through the cookbook, I found some recipes that even I can make-successfully!

Sit back, relax and enjoy!

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