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Monday, July 18, 2005 Sheri Made Me Do It!

I was out running errands today (see previous post) and one of our stops was to make a payment on my son's class ring. I'm still in sticker shock over the $4o0.00+ ring. Anyway, while I'm not working, Sheri and I communicate via email a few times a day. She told me I should post this email I sent her after she asked me if we went to see the ring.

BTW: My son has been warned that he is NOT to ever give his ring to some sweet young "thang" he falls head over heals for. I really do have kind of a sick sense humor, but here it is in all it's glory:

Oh man...yes the ring is very cool....I know G-2 is dying to get it. Made a payment....300.00 damn dollars to go! You know, I spent 100.00 for my class ring and it was a custom one...geez.....do they think we are made out of money? Ok...hold on....let me go shit some Grants (sorry about the visual you probably just got).

Talk to you later!


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