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Wednesday, October 26, 2005 A Chronicle of My Mobile computing Experience

So its been a while- OK, a llloooonnnnngggg while since I've written about my Tablet PC and how I am incorporating its use into my daily routine. You might be thinking "this is not a big deal". Oh, how wrong you are, my friends.

A little history. First, this is my husband, a true computer geek who gets frustrated when I refer to computer peripherals as "that thingy", no further explanation needed. Second, I am a computer tard (that's short for retard). My only computer experience has been self taught. I'll never forget the first time I had to work on a computer (doing a lotus spread sheet non-the-less). I was TERRIFIED. No, not scared, TERR-I-FIED! I was afraid to turn the damn thing on let alone work on it! Luckily, I entered into my "mommy" stage. I stayed home for 5 years with those rug rats. No computer experience was required, of course I wish they had a button I could push to put them in "sleep mode", or reboot when they start acting flaky. Then, that fated day came and it was time to re-enter the work force. I was more than qualified to do the job I was interviewing for. The one drawback-I was not computer literate. Of course, leave it to my wit & charm to come up with the following answer when the interviewer expressed concern about my lack of computer knowledge. My response was "well, are all of the keys in the same spot on the keyboard as they are on the typewriter?" Interviewer answers "yes". Then I say, "Well, as far as I know 2 + 2 still equals 4-that hasn't changed (it was for a bookkeeping position). You tell me the keyboard of a computer is identical to a typewriter, another plus. If you think about it, I didn't have any motherhood experience and I have managed to keep my little darlings alive and kicking. That should be a good indication of my willingness to learn new things. So, exactly what are your concerns?" His answer-"You're hired. I like your spunk!"

Back to my Tablet experience. I'll start by saying that using my tablet has been quite liberating. I can sit anywhere in my house (including "the man chair" which is now in high demand) & work on my computer. When our internet is working (see my husband's post about Time Warner), I can get on-line and take care of business from anywhere in the house or on the patio (this includes the crapper folks!). A little TMI perhaps, but I want you to really understand the full benefits of my new friend. Suffice it to say, I am really enjoying the flexibility and freedom I've experienced.

I haven't ventured outside of the house with my handy little gizmo. This makes me feel like I am not using my tablet to its fullest potential. You know, it's like the Cadillac your grandparents bought but only drove down the street to Church on Sundays when it wasn't raining. However, I'm making a concerted effort to change. As a matter of fact, I'm writing this post using the inking feature (I will figure out how to insert a picture of inking some time soon) while sitting in my living room on my comfy sofa watching the Astros (don't go there).

As I've stated before, I am really good at starting posts, just not at ending them. That being said, in an effort not to bore you, I'll write more later. For now, I'm pretty proud of what I was able to do thus far. Check back soon!

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