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Sunday, October 23, 2005 So Tell Me How You Really Feel?

So now it’s Sunday. Honestly, I’m sort of in piss-poor mood. Big-G is pretty sick; G-2 is almost well and myself? Hell, when do we get to stop? With sinus stuff in one hand and mydol in the other…we march on.

Our ‘Stros lost last night (sniff, sniff); the house is a mess (not really but it’s not like I like to keep it). G-2 told me last night he would wash the dishes and you can guess what I saw this morning…all the damn dirty dishes. The princess cat really thinks she is royalty; if her litter box isn’t clean to her satisfaction, she takes a dump right out side of it…ugggggggg! I must thank her for the lovely gift she left me this morning! The lizard, well he’s just plain ugly!

Ok, Ok…..enough ranting. I tell myself when I’m in this sort of mood, and take the time to b*ch, that I must end with one positive. Thinking……….thinking…………still thinking……
I’ll get back to you on this one.

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