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Monday, October 17, 2005 Is it the full moon?

As you read in SuZan's post below, she has been through the ringer this week. As I visit other blogs, I've noticed many of us are in the same boat. What is going on with us?

I've spent a lot of time analyzing this over the weekend. For me, it was a self evaluation more or less. I had to identify what has happened this past year, both positive and negative. I then analyzed the negative and pinpointed the areas that I have control over. Listed the things that I can do to change the situation. I visited the items over which I have no control and tried to accept them or learn from them (gosh-this is starting to sound more & more like the 10 step program). I'm glad I did this exercise because it made me realize and appreciate that, even though I have a few negative situations going on, I have a huge list of positives.

Another thing that was interesting to me was, several of the things I had on my "negative list" weren't really that negative. Maybe stagnant would be a better word. I'm kind of "stuck" in a few areas of my life. Why am I stuck. Fear! Fear of change, fear of failure, fear of losing control. Losing control? Yes, I'm afraid of certain things simply because I don't know the outcome. This mainly has to do with my children. Maybe some of you can relate to what I'm trying to say. When you are pregnant, or even before, you have this great plan of how your life will be with children, how you're going to raise those children, how the world will be, etc., etc. The first thing you figure out once you have children is-VERY LITTLE TURNS OUT THE WAY YOU PLAN IT! Sure, some of the stuff does. But, remember saying "My child will never do such and such." Then to our amazement, they not only do such and such, they do it bigger, louder, messier, well... you get the picture. My dream or vision was to have these great, well rounded children going off to college and then successful careers and a great family life. I feel that my children are great, well rounded children, but as they grow and change, I'm having to accept that their vision for their future may not exactly be the same as my vision! This is scary stuff here people! Especially for a control freak!

I could go on & on, but I have other things to take care of. I will share a few of the changes that I've made or am in the process of making. First, I've changed my hair style. I am no longer long & blond'ish. I am now short and brown'ish (my natural color). So far people have told me I look five years younger! Next on my list-a job change! Wow, I said it. Yes, I'm not happy where I am. Instead of sitting and complaining, I've decided to see what's out there and go for it!

I'm going to stop here so as not to overwhelm myself. You know, I'm pretty good at starting these posts, but I'm horrible at ending them. I'll end by saying to all my blogger buddies, have a great day and enjoy the positive things that are happening!

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