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Monday, October 10, 2005 Send A Get Well Card to Maggie

Maggie's dad sent this email out last night updating us with how Maggie is doing and what the next step will be. He also posted a few pictures. I thought I'd include one of them here so you can see how fantastic she is doing and that she really is reading all of the get well wishes. Please-if you feel inclined to send her a wish, do it. Click on the links below.
Here's his update:
Maggie’s team of doctors believe that they have collected as much data as possible given the type of seizures she is having. Most of Maggie’s seizures are registering on the monitoring grids that were implanted last week. However, Maggie is also having some seizure activity that is not registering on the monitoring grid (ie – the big one that happened this morning). They currently believe that those seizures are coming from some other deep areas in the temporal lobe that are not able to be monitored, but will be removed anyway.

Maggie will likely have surgery on Wednesday. Her surgery in August removed about 1/3 of the anterior temporal lobe. This next surgery will remove the other 2/3’s of the anterior part of the temporal lobe, along with the hippacampus. The posterior part of the temporal lobe cannot be removed.

A final decision has not been made yet on addressing the tumor bed – where all of this originated from. The doctors are leaning toward coring out the tumor bed, but we won’t know for sure until late Tuesday or Wednesday. Its’ risky to do it, but they want to get the rest of the tissue remaining in the tumor bed and run tests on it.

Based on this schedule and her anticipated recovery time, it is highly likely that we will be home by Saturday or Sunday!

Maggie’s hospital room walls were just about covered this evening when the nurses brought another 150 – 200 cards in. We are about to start posting her cards OUTSIDE of her room. Everyone here is loving it! Thank you so much! I’m sitting here watching Maggie read the ones that just came in and her face is smiling with laughter, her eyes are alive with such joy.
My husband at jkOnTheRun posted this on his blog and asked us to post it on ours as well. Rob Bushway is another Microsoft Tablet MVP who my husband has gotten to know because of their common interest in tech stuff. Rob has a very sweet daughter named Maggie who had a brain tumor. I'm not exactly sure of all of the facts, you can visit their respective blogs for that information, but from what I understand, she had a brain tumor, underwent various treatments for the cancer, then started having sever seizures. She is currently in the hospital as she has had another surgery wherein they inserted monitors that can monitor brain function and activity while she is having a seizure. This in turn will help the doctors decide what their best treatment plan will be.

Why am I posting this? Well, I'm a mother. When a child suffers, no matter how well you know that child, you feel for them and the family. The hospital that Maggie is in has put together a web site so that people can send patients get well wishes. The hospital then prints these wishes out and forwards them to the patient and their family. Maggie's family has posted all of the wishes on the wall in her hospital room to remind her of all the prayers going out for her. Please click on the various links and see for yourself what a special little girl this is. Feel free to post a link on your blog. Thanks to anyone who takes the time to do this for this family.

From my husband's blog:

Send a get well card to Maggie

Fellow Tablet MVP Rob Bushway has a wonderful daughter named Maggie who is in the hospital having some pretty serious surgery due to brain cancer. Maggie is a sweet and brave little girl who can use your help to get well. The hospital in St. Louis has a program for patients on their web site where you can send Get Well ecards for Maggie and Dad Rob wants to cover the walls in her room with these cards so she can read them and have a constant reminder how many people are praying for her rapid recovery. So far she has received over 200 cards but I know we can do better than that.
I am asking everyone to go to the
hospital’s web site and send a card to Maggie so we can get all those walls covered from floor to ceiling. Maggie’s doctor is so impressed with the number of cards she’s received so far that he has promised to bring Maggie a special gift if all the walls are covered by Wednesday. Please send a card and if you have a blog post this and ask your readers to do the same. Let’s do all we can in our small way to brighten this special girl’s hospital stay. Be sure and put “Cards for Maggie” somewhere in your blog post so Google will pick them all up.
All ecards should be sent to Maggie Bushway. Rob is posting current status of Maggie’s condition and some photos from the hospital on
Maggie’s web page. Thank you.

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